Sons Of Anarchy, speed version seasons 1-3

Time is a limited resource, wouldn’t you agree? I care about my time, and here, I will show you how much I care about your time as well. This will be carefully demonstrated in guiding you through Sons Of Anarchy, seasons 1-3.

Season 1: I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but you’d better deal with it soon. Cancer. Bad acting younger cop. Worse acting stalking cop. I don’t know what’s going on between the two of you, but you have to take care of it soon. Oh, I already wrote that.

Season 2: Some lying and deceiving with far too many things happening in the last episode. A little cancer. Alan Arkin’s son as a nazi. Henry Rollins as a nazi too. Cigars. Porn. Fire.

Season 3: I’m doing this to protect you (insert character of choice). Bad Irish accents. Unplausible choices. More of the same. Selling drugs in the open and wondering how anybody could notice it. Ron Perlman laughs in the end. Katey Sagal makes a joke about being a redhead.

Through all seasons: white sneakers. On a killer biker.

Coming soon: speed version of season 4. Maybe. I don’t have as much time as you do.

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