LV, Anton, IWD, and various words from hell

I need to keep this short, because if I don’t, I will probably start poking strangers with my flu fingers, and they will poke back.

1. Oh, how I would love to work as CIO at Louis Vuitton. The tonedeafness of it all almost sounds beautiful. Like a Satie piece played by a heavily drunken brontosaurus. Not even Bagdad Bob would manage your paedagogical dilemma. Not really on a BP level, though.

2. Anton. Yup, there is a guy named Anton in Sweden who came out today as being gay. Oh, I forgot to tell you that he is a young, fairly talented soccer player, and son to one of Sweden’s best defenders ever, Glenn Hysén. Did I tell you how much hate trolls spewed out about this on various sport sites? It made all material published by Wikileaks look like one, single syllable tweet. #good

And to all you trolls, why don’t you travel to Comodo. Don’t forget to smear your body with some fresh blood. Then just lie down. Sing a song.

3. How could such a talented guy as Martin Sheen produce something like the twat that now has made web developers create a Charlie Sheen filter (Thank Buddha for Graduated Engineers!). And that guy is the highest paid *coughing heavily from the flu* actor right now?

4. Men yacking about “Hehe, Gender equality, sure, but not until we have an International Man’s Day.”

Go to Chechnya, fuckers.

5. People taking human rights for granted. Look what happens in Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, and so forth. And look what happens in the US, for example in Wisconsin, where some nutters try to prohibite collective (yeah, such an outdated word) bargaining.

And Colombia is still not only about cocaine production and Valderrama haircuts, it’s still (probably) the most dangerous country to be an active union member.

And what about the brick production slavery in Uttar Pradesh, revealed by CNN?

Take one big look at yourself. Or do it via your iPhone, why don’t you.

5. People (Greenpeace activists from last year’s climate summit) getting charged with breaking some Royal and very old rules, actually older than Methusalem, which means that the Queen of Denmark now wants to take over Greenpeace and turn it to a Carlsberg brewery. Worth fighting for.

The funny thing was that the Queen of Denmark did not even see these activists. She only heard about them. She had dinner in another part of the teepee. Lucky for the activists, I say, since she would have executed them otherwise.

Enough with this bedwise road rage, I need to chew on some ginger and chili and be a happy, non complaining camper.

Yeah, one last thing, tell Khadaffi to contact the leading political party in Sweden (they have fun too, they claim, while deflouring Sweden in every way) because they will instruct him to call himself The New Khadaffi. He will succeed, with Per Schlingmann on his right shoulder, whispering “You are the NEW Khadaffi. NEW.”

(I was inspired by RT @radiogagarin: Tyvärr Khadaffi. Folk i #Libya inte är lika lättlurade som 30,06 % av den svenska väljarkåren. Då hade du kunnat kalla dig Nya Khadaffi. Good opportunity for you to practise Swedish, Paolo)

Ta ta/il cane brutto, always on the same side as the losing team and looking forward to all governments exerting more control over the people with the chocolate cover of security – for YOUR sake – as the perfect excuse.

And sorry for no-link-policy today. Ask the legal advisers of Louis Vuitton for help. #needalawyeracheaponedesperately


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