Being entitled to leave waste behind and commenting the weather in social medias

Good afternoon, fellas!

den fula hunden (the ugly dog) has been blog lazy, due to several reasons, of which the two major one’s have been too much/too intense working, and also two periods with Flu. That much for taking double flu shots earlier this winter.

Three things (all good things are three, or seven, or…)

1. Spring, part I: Picnic time. Yay! But I swear to all God’s that I don’t believe in, that people who goes for picnic, leaving their garbage behind have lost all their rights. The picnic-trash-bashing-mob will look for you, haha. “Thud! Thud!” “What on earth was that?” “I think it was that man’s kneecaps being cracked.” “Oh, good lord we brought our own waste this time.”

2. Spring, part II: Good weather? Bad weather? Raining? Snowing? Is it really of public interest to write that kind of comments on Twitter, Facebook, etc? I would understand it if it is a fucking tornado coming on, or a tsunami waiting to beat the crap out of us, but what makes you think it is needed that you write that it is snowing for the umpteenth day in a row, or that you are happy because it is sunny? I will always laugh in your face when you freeze walking on a bridge with too bad, and too little clothing. Write about what you do. Write about what you think (and I mean think). Write about how you feel, and why, but please, with sugar on the top, don’t write stupid phrases, such as “It’s sunny outside, and I’m so happy”, because chances are good we already know it.

It was like when I watched a lappish action movie – “Vägvisaren” (Pathfinder) – in 1987, having seat neighbours who seemed to never having watched a movie. They were commenting every scene. “Now they are walking on the mountain.” Now they are sitting in the sauna,” and “Now they come out of the sauna”. Thank’s a friggin’ lot.  Maybe if you have a blind friend, or a friend who can  feel neither temperature, nor humidity changes, but unless that is a fact, shut your gaffer.

3. Spring, part III: You’ve got a dog, mate? Fine, then pick up the litter, because seeing the dog shit water flooding the sidewalks is so uncool, and I don’t want to start yet another mob, a’ight?.

Have a nice day, and please come again!/Il Cane Brutto, El Perro Feo, or den fula hunden – found in stores close to you. And cheap, too.

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