News and capsaicin in 24 h

An exciting day, but indeed also troublesome. Here’s my 12 monkeys-articles from the last 24 hours.

1. I choose to initiate the 24 h news journey with a light-weight article about shooting ice. Great to make sure that public safety is reached through making use of a gun. Bam. (SvD, in Swedish)

2. Linguatulla serrata found in a dog that was imported to Sweden. The parasite can be transferred to humans if you kiss the dog’s nose. Don’t kiss dogs, you freaks. And no, it should not be translated with ‘heavy worm’. (SvD, Swedish)

3. Walter Frederick Morrison, the creator of the frisbee has died, 90 years old. I just love this kind of entrepreneurship – to invent something that can be used by almost everybody. Rest in peace. (SvD, Swedish)

4. I have always said that one should be careful with what you do, or say, in shared laundries. When I moved to Rinkeby, a neighbor stole my pass. After five minutes. Thankfully, she was still there, so I could say that I will stop her machines, and start making use of the laundry machines since it was my pass. “Why shall we Swedes stand here arguing with each other?” “What the hell does that have to do with anything? Remove your stuff.” But in this case, things escalated to a massive fight, with baseball bats, ‘n aw. (SvD, Swedish)

5. A judge in Malmö was fired, after sending insulting e-mails to other judges. If you can’t rewind the action, give your colleagues a forgetting spell, like in Harry Potter. It’s as simple as that. (SvD, Swedish)

6. A conserved, sorry, conservative candidate to the Swedish parliament is being investigated due to membership cheating. He is accused of having paid for several persons memberships. How nice of him, wouldn’t you agree, that he helps the poor sods who cannot afford paying it. And now he is so, so, so sad. (SvD, Swedish)

7. Burqa and niqab belongs to the medieval ages, according to the bad excuse for a brain of the prohibition proposal in France, André Gerin. Here are some excellent reasons why there are no good arguments for prohibiting burqa and niqab. (SvD, Swedish, and

8. The Zuma (Jacob Zuma) tries and make use of Nelson Mandela positive shine. A prime minister with several wives? A prime minister who was accused of rape? This is truly medieval. And more wives to come! (SvD, Swedish)

9. Mad Professor murdered three persons, and several others were wounded. It is rather unusual that a woman is behind the weapon during such tragedies. My thoughts to the victims, their families, colleagues, and friends. (DN, Swedish)

10. The best quote stems from the journalist Maria Eriksson, SvD: “Rätten till ett privatliv ska inte behöva motiveras, utan borde vara den självklara utgångspunkten för varje politiskt beslut.” (The right to privacy should never need to be motivated, but should instead be the obvious starting point for any political decision). Bravo, Maria! We must not be so damn passive, and let quasi arguments be the foundation for political decisions that shrink basic human rights. Do we want Sauron to see, and hear everything? And please don’t give me the We-who-have-nothing-to-hide-bullshit. (SvD, Swedish)

11. Rewarded apartheid. I must say that Lena Andersson writes incredibly exciting, insightful, and does never tell the reader what to think. In my opinion gender must go before religion. (DN, Swedish)

12. One might think that militant muslims are just about to take over the entire Universe, when you follow some news sources. Very refreshing to read in Newsweek how moderate muslim leaders are strengthening their positions. (Newsweek, English)

And I almost forgot the important demonstration by “Nazifree Alliance” in Dresden. Courageous role models!

And yes, you are right, I will not again write in English, when the majority of the articles referred to are written in Swedish, but today I blame my hangover after a hilarious evening at Olé Olé yesterday, with my fab friend Michael The Eyebrow. And today I have had my share of capsaicin-intake from green chili and habanero, which also might affect my brain.

See ya, all you great lads and lassies out there!

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