Integrity, Hillbilly Palm Pilot, and top 10 news

“Welcome ladies, and gentlemen!”

“Thank you, Mr Ugly Dog!”

“I just want to prepare you that all I have for you tonight is a list.”

“Thank you for your honesty, Mr Ugly Dog. We love you anyway.”

“I don’t trust you on that one, but it’s at least a little something for you, right?”

“What kind of list is it, Mr Ugly Dog, please tell us?!”

“Calm down. And for you, it’s ‘Ugly’, a’ight?”

“You are Ugly. That is true. We love you so much.”

“No you don’t, but I don’t have any problems with that, as long as you are good people who starts to think for real. Can you promise me that?”

“Ugly, we promise you that we will start thinking for real.”

“We got something going here, lads. I need to take care of the dishes now, but before I leave you thinking, or at least trying to start thinking, I present  you some top stories from today, and one from yesterday. Enjoy. Much of it in Swedish, though, so start practising. I will put you at test later.”

“Oh, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your efforts. See you soon.”

“Ciao, fratelli e sorelli!”

1. The only persons who will go for “Bing” (via tweet from jocke, alias jocke jardenberg) are really stupid teenagers. This commercial makes Beavis & Butthead seem like Dostojevskij, and Bulgakov.  “Whoa, I want two chicks, too!” (The Next Web)

2. Integrity, part I, checking out friends, and colleagues salaries without the person being controlled being noticed about it (article in Swedish, SvD)

3. Apple greedy? I would say yes, with net profit on iPad (tweeted by swartling) of something like 346 EUR, or 477 USD (Swedish, idg)

4. Integrity, part II, the Finnish man who sues Google for publishing pictures of him nude on the lower parts of the body on Google Maps. Kids shouldn’t have guns, and Google shouldn’t have cameras. (Swedish, DI)

5. Somthing to be proud of, JAS Gripen. Who wouldn’t want to buy it? Give it away to our supposed enemies, God damn it, since all the planes stay on the ground – again. (Swedish, DI)

6. The conservatives (M) in Stockholm refuses to approve of needle exchange program. Utter stupidity. Facts, not fucking opinions is what should be used for decision-making. Maybe they have just slept to little, the poor sods? (Swedish, SvD)

7. Integrity, part, shit, I need to scroll…III. Yes to camera surveying in Stockholm at Stureplan. I could rant forever about the non-argument about “We who have nothing to hide…”. Yeah, tell that to Stalin. On the other hand, Sauron must be happy now, with his eye shattered due to a stupid little hobbit. (Swedish, DN). Great comment from “Viktor”, quoting our beloved prime minister.

8. Integrity, part IV. No to Swift. But sources claim that US will try and carry out agreements on an individual country basis. (Swedish, DN)

9. One from yesterday, but what a smashing article in Newsweek on the web, by conservative author Jonathan Kay. I don’t know about you, but I become scared shitless when I read about the Tea Party Movement. And the rest of the media play silence of the lambs.

10. My personal favourite. A prostethics expert, who, err, made sure that a guy would shoot all the penalty shots with his left foot. Brilliant! (Guardian)

“And always bring your hillbilly palm pilot, or telepalmter with you, folks, but don’t forget the pen. And remember that you promised to start thinking for real. I will hold you too it.”

“Good night, Ugly. Sweet dreams.”

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