What it means being Swedish

The Rinkeby News
has the joy of sharing with y’all
what it means being Swedish,
and no, not in a superficial sense,
we are here aiming at the core

Rinkeby News has interviewed
our minister of integration,
but we couldn’t understand a fucking word she said

She was by far too academic for slobs like me,
and the lomographer,
so we actually have to make up something here,
which would hardly be considered as
something new under the sun, wouldn’t you agree?

The core, dear friends,
of being Swedish,
can easiest be summarized as the following:

Name a person who has done
something great, something magnificent,
and the true Swede will respond
like a pigeon picking for some white gravel
with “Did you know that she originally
comes from Sweden?”

Oh, we almost forgot, and how could we?!

The next app from Google,
following “Latitude”, will be “Attitude”.

Google, now monitoring your beliefs,
selling them for fake zloty
to praised mind surgeons,
claiming that everything they do
is about securing the jobs

And everything they do.

They do it for you.

© 2010 Jens Nilsson

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