The Teacher

the stage:
Stockholm University
Institution of Psychology
evening class
teacher, known as Mr Chess
course in emotions and psychology

the teacher, sitting on the catheder
leaning backwards
hands tied around his left knee
crash, bang, boom
he falls
saved by the fat chair behind the desk

revenge by retreat, no
but he looks calm, he looks like
a big, spinning cat, white hair and bald,
a good looking beard

he then leans across the catheder
like he is lying next to Cleopatra
sipping wine from a golden cup
while he continues talking
of Joseph LeDoux
and thalamus

the lesson is almost finished
this first day of the course
and he is about to give an answer
of the connection between
cognition and emotion;
the interplay, the mutual effect

and he stands up,
lifting his left hand
to lean against the door
opened into the classroom
but he
he really does not look
in that direction
his hand searching for the door



no door

so he flies out into the corridor

this is not a movie by woody allen

with grace, he returns
shaking some virtual dust off himself

said there was nothing out there

© 2010- Jens Nilsson (originally written in 2004)

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